Survey update

In under 100 hours of launching our survey, we have received over 250 responses from: Spain, Italy, India, Greece, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, UK, USA. We are grateful to these volunteers who represent students, individuals with existing health conditions, pre-professionals, self-employed/unemployed, parents with young children, carers, and frontline workers to name a few.

This study relies on word-of-mouth or ‘convenience sampling’ of the general population – so we hope you will consider sharing the survey (share with 5 friends!). This way we can get a more complete understanding of how COVID-19 is affect people from all walks of life.

To our Followers:

We understand that this detailed survey is just a start. A snapshot of what you may be going through. So, as we continue to reach more people and listen to their experiences we have compiled some credible Resources for you. This is not exhaustive, just a start. We would love for you to communicate your ideas/suggestions with us at and/or tag us on Twitter #GlobalC19Study if you wish to share some useful information!

Wherever you are – locked down or not – we hope you feel safe, supported, and connected. You are not alone in this. It will get better. Thanks to everyone who has already shared, retweeted, and taken part in our survey!

I look forward to hearing from you!


– On behalf of the Global Covid Study


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