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UCL Global Engagement Fund Sponsored Summer Webinar Series


2 June to 28 July 2021

Lockdown Duration Impacts Mental Health: Greece & UK (Webinar 1)

2 June 2021

This webinar will focus on the impact of lockdown restrictions on our livelihoods.

How Do We Trust (Again): Paranoia & Mental Health (Webinar 2)

16 June 2021

This second webinar in the series focuses on social trust, paranoia, and mental health across groups of individuals, countries, and lockdown periods.

Family: Stress, Relationship Conflict & Child Adjustment (Webinar 3)

30 June 2021

This webinar is about family life during the pandemic, relational conflict, and children’s adjustment.

Doctoral Students’ Educational Stress & Mental Health (Webinar 4)

14 July 2021

This fourth webinar of the series will focus on the impact of COVID-19 on university student’s experience and mental health.

Let’s Talk! What do you need to recover from COVID-19? (Webinar 5)

28 July 2021

When will things get back to normal? With the vaccine roll-out programs continuing around the globe and new outbreaks and variants being found in parallel, perhaps this is the right time to stop, reflect, and refocus on what we need to do now to get to a new normal.

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